The biobased products offered by Nexoleum cover a wide range of applications, such as plasticis and rubber additives, coating, lubricants, among others.

Our raw materials are sourced from carefully selected vegetable oils to better suit each application. These materials are submitted to chemical modifications such as esterifcation, transesterification, intersterficiation, hydrolisis, epoxidation. These reactions yield a variety of carbon chains, that are properly adjusted to present ideal performance in each target application. The raw materials include soybeans, corn, castor, linseed, sugar cane, babaçu and palm.

The products obtained can be defined as chemically modified fatty acid esters. Final products are submitted to proper quality control to comply with a rigorous set of specifications.

Technical Data

epoxidized methyl linoleate

Nexo E1 Specifications

Comparative Data


Main segments where Nexo E1 can be used, and the key characteristics in the final application:

Calendering and Extrusion
Coated Fabrics
Stretch and Shrink Films